Arts. Beats. Eats. | Super Bowl with “The Squad”

The Squad really showed up to this event.  This wasn’t our usual setup at Art Beats Eats, we layed out a rug this time.  Getting fresh was the point,  the Super Bowl watched us.  It was great to be amongst cool young entrepreneurs, very inspiring.

Everyone was well dressed and well mannered.  You couldn’t even tell where a person was from until they told you.  This is my type of hype crowd.  Vendors were introducing new product and exchanging new ideas for fashion.  This is what you call space aged vending.  Coach Gaines delivered an emotional speech about the need for small businesses to emerge during this time of economic hardship and how even more important it is to support Mom and Pop.  He even shared his recent experiences at Cheltenham mall and how a false persona and perception prevents patronizing.  In conclusion he spoke of a promising future and that initiatives such as Arts. Beats. Eats provide opportunity from people you least expect, while relaxing in a comfortable atmosphere.  Expect more from this dope crowd and try to catch the next Arts. Beats. Eats. the event is held at the first Sunday of every month for more info Visit

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