S+R Dry Goods Shop-in-Shop Launch | B.S.R Grand Opening Event

The ButcherShop Rehab Grand Opening took place first Friday Nov 2. on Market st. Wilmington,De.  The location is ideal for a mix of art, furniture, and fashion.  The team created a total custom lifestyle experience, the environment fused modern and re purposed industrial furniture with abstract art, with a dash of custom apparel.  A recipe for cool.  Basically, this place was a freak show!  Large life size robots and articles salvaged from a century worth of Industrial Rubble were also a huge part of the decor.  The perfect platform to launch the Search and Rescue work inspired collection.

The alluring abstract art that was provided by Hamid Holloman of Co-laborative Lab, were displayed as the perfect backdrop for B.S.R’s unique furniture.  Everything within the space serves a duel function, showroom samples for interior design concepts as well as available stock for immediate purchase.  Events such as this will take place every first Friday at ButcherShop Rehab.  Take a trip to see the good brothers at ButcherShop Rehab 203 N. Market st. Wilmington,De.  They’ll have plenty of S and R Drygoods on deck!

Enjoy the pics from the event.

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