Search+Rescue ButcherShop Rehab | Society Hill vs BKFlea Philly


June 1st Kicked off a Major Flea Market double header between The Philadelphia Flea at Society Hill and The BrooklynFlea “Philly” at Schmidts .  Search and Rescue had the chance to work both venues. There was much anticipation leading up to the weekend of the first.  Local market annalists and vendors all questioned if the brand BKflea could bring vigor to Philly’s unmoved flea market consumer.  The test was on fair playing ground and the weather was nice.  Saturday our set up was on the 400 block of Lombard st.  And all though the day was nice, the crowd proved itself spread alittle thin between the vendors along the strip.  Phila flea always brought out quality vendors and great people, but the experience was simply more of the same.  The side walk sale, no parking way of vending prevented the good traffic flow expected from the market. Which meant for the squad, a long ride home from South Philly.

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