Search+Rescue x ButcherShop Rehab | Service at Brooklyn Flea “Philly”


The Brooklyn Flea Philly organized a well curated event in the courtyard of the Piazza at Schmidts.  The Bkflea really put on a show with nice food vendors, D.J Questlove spinning on the ones and twos, and some of the strongest  vendors in the area.  The people enjoyed really good vibes and were motivated to spend.  The report came back that not one vendor complained.  So I guess you know who won this double header! The Brooklyn Flea did a very good job introducing style to the flea market experience here in Philadelphia.  Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to properly expose the inner-city talent.  We just hope this wasn’t just another social media hype, our attendance will be consistent at both Phila Flea market and Bkflea Philly for the duration of the summer. Continue to show your local support and attend the local flea markets in your area.  Keep up the Search!

Check out the squad –>

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