Search+Rescue x Two Percent to Glory : Gold Insurgence // First Friday pop-up

-1Spring Heat is in the air, and it’s undeniable. Seasonally inspired conditioning primes us for the rise and fall of long shot lengths to dip dyed dribble drives. And, our colors reflect the outfitting. Crossover without hesitation from cotton to gauze, shear to sheer, and flocked to fringe as this grass is glitter in the backcourt. Transitions from covered to non bear witness to the gilded culture of now. In the spirit of solidarity and true local love, TPTG welcomes friends Search and Rescue to Frankford First Friday. In a post industrial pop up shop of wonder and wander, curated repurpose literally surfaces from the bottom up, mixing high and low in forms of original reworked denim, A-team tanked tops, salvaged signage, lettered affectations, and retouched treasures handled with intent. Unearth finds of game times hunted and cement futures in rooted unification.

Like all terrifyingly good things, “it’s in the basement,” and this is no exception. TPTG and S&R join worlds of juxtaposed good–telling two sides of the same grunt to glint in Gold Insurgence: The Search for Glory. 
Check your percentages at the door and feel the free throw down.
The search illuminates this Friday June 7.

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