Search and Rescue | Urbn’s Summer market at The Naval Yard

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We are proud to announce our invitation to vend at URBN’s summer markets, at Urbn’s home office this year. The market is going to be an ever-changing market of makers, artists, shops, designers, purveyors of food, found objects, clothing and quality goods. They plan to have a different mix of vendors each week to keep the markets exciting for both the sellers and buyers. The dates are May 22, June 5, June 19, July 10, July 24, August 7, August 21 and September TBD. The markets will be held from 8:30AM-4PM on each of these dates in building 543 on campus located at 5000 South Broad Street in Philadelphia.  Our dates are June 19 and Aug 21 check out the list of brands co-vending with us on our dates.

6/19: Three Potato Four- Art in the age/ Warbly Parker- Search and Rescue Squad- Object and totem-Zsa’s ice cream

8/21: Jim Datz/ Neither fish nor fowl -Tattly -Awesome dudes Printing -Forestbound -Search and Rescue -Sawyer Cabinet Co -Side project Jerky

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