AgendaNYC | Allston Outfitters x Search+Rescue

blog8cover2coverAllston Outfitters debut their 2013 collection at Agenda NYC.  The response to the brand was great, the buyers were really impressed by the visual display and the collection was refreshing. The creative team at Allston did a great job merchandising the collection, providing just the service the street and skate market needed to fill the void  for progressive fashion that people can relate to.  Yes the tradeshow was filled with camo, but the Allston collection’s approach to fatigue told an orignal and current story of Americana.  We were able to work side by side with the brand to develop the visual story and also had the opportunity to influence design direction. Check out the recap photos from the tradeshow.   IMG_2922 IMG_2929 IMG_2930blog12 IMG_2937 IMG_2941 IMG_2944 IMG_2949 IMG_2957 IMG_2895 IMG_2893 IMG_2891 IMG_2890 IMG_2864 blog20 blog19 blog18 blog14 blog13 blog11 blog10 blog9 blog7 blog6 blog5 blog4 blog2 blog1

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