S+R drygoods // Schott 100+plus // Pop up shop


10/25: The last time D.C’s streetcars were running Schott NYC at 49 was already an iconic American brand that changed the world forever. This time the D.C streetcars, in the H Street corridor, were the backdrop for a glimpse into the future of Schott NYC. From their humble beginnings in a Manhattan basement manufacturing raincoats, to outfitting the military, celebrities, and all Billy Badasses. Schott proved to be leaders in more ways than one. The innovative spirit of Schott NYC led them to be the first manufacturer to invent the leather motorcycle jacket. You can find Schott NYC’s design queues emulated by many manufacturers across the globe. Even if you are unfamiliar with the brand, one thing you can’t deny is their distinct style.

A century has passed, and Schott NYC is still one of the most iconic American brands in history. So to celebrate 100 plus years; Schott NYC teamed up with Search and Rescue Squad, and a handpicked collective of designers to take the nation’s capital by storm. The one-day brand immersion infused motorcycle culture with contemporary art, lifestyle clothing, and accessories.

Schott 100 Plus showcased: an art installation by Search & Rescue (S+R) Dry Goods and curation by S+R and Gentlemen’s Brim. S+R also launched their BSR line of furniture alongside their “selvedge white denim” glove collaboration with Grifter Company USA. Modern50 and Carter Designs sourced thought provocative art and found objects. Custom Lifestyle displayed a unique take on repurposed materials; mixing fabrics, and detailed stitching to make one of a kind overcoats, and totes. While Milk Cult and Kool Beanz coffee provided refreshments and ice cream sandwiches. Another American icon, Bell Helmets raffled off a Custom 500 helmet and gave away t-shirts. The Schott 100 Plus experience proved why Schott NYC can confidently look forward to the next century and beyond.

Written by Gentlemensbrim

Schott100PlusDC-117S&R_9 Schott100PlusDC-126 Schott100PlusDC-11 Schott100PlusDC-13 Schott100PlusDC-16 Schott100PlusDC-23 Schott100PlusDC-24 Schott100PlusDC-26 Schott100PlusDC-35 Schott100PlusDC-41 Schott100PlusDC-46 Schott100PlusDC-48 Schott100PlusDC-55 Schott100PlusDC-64 Schott100PlusDC-68 Schott100PlusDC-69 Schott100PlusDC-70 Schott100PlusDC-72 Schott100PlusDC-73 Schott100PlusDC-76 Schott100PlusDC-78 Schott100PlusDC-80 Schott100PlusDC-82 Schott100PlusDC-89 Schott100PlusDC-90 Schott100PlusDC-92 Schott100PlusDC-93 Schott100PlusDC-94 Schott100PlusDC-95 Schott100PlusDC-97 Schott100PlusDC-98 Schott100PlusDC-99 Schott100PlusDC-100 Schott100PlusDC-106 Schott100PlusDC-107 Schott100PlusDC-110 Schott100PlusDC-114 Schott100PlusDC-115 Schott100PlusDC-116 Schott100PlusDC-120 Schott100PlusDC-121 Schott100PlusDC-122 Schott100PlusDC-127 Schott100PlusDC-129 Schott100PlusDC-131 Schott100PlusDC-136 Schott100PlusDC-137 Schott100PlusDC-139 Schott100PlusDC-141 Schott100PlusDC-144 S&R_2 S&R_3 S&R_6 S&R_8 S&R_15 S&R_16 S&R_18 S&R_53 Schott100PlusDC-15 Schott100PlusDC-18 Schott100PlusDC-14 Schott100PlusDC-29 Schott100PlusDC-40 Schott100PlusDC-57 Schott100PlusDC-77 Schott100PlusDC-91 Schott100PlusDC-101 Schott100PlusDC-19S&R_34 S&R_51 S&R_28 S&R_30 S&R_37 S&R_42 S&R_43 S&R_45 S&R_46 S&R_48 S&R_52We want to thank everyone that supported this initiative, view more to see who gets the credit.



  • Schott NYC                                                 schottnyc.com
  • Search and Rescue Squad                                     bsr-x.com
  • Modern 50                                                 modern50.com
  • Bell Helmets                                                 bellhelmets.com
  • Gentlemen’s Brim                                                 gentlemensbrim.blogspot.com
  • Grifter Company USA                                     griftercompany.com
  • Custom Lifestyle by Hamid Holloman                         etsy.com/shop/CLbyHamidHolloman
  • Milk Cult                                                             milkcultdc.com
  • Designs by Carter                                                 totallycarterdesign@gmail.com
  • Kool Beanz

Supporting Cast

  • Larry Ware             Photography, Installation
  • Alicia Delarge             Client Relations Admin.            bsr-x.com
  • Jati Lindsay             Photography                         jatiphoto.com
  • Patricia A. Wagner             Photography                        flickr.com/photos/pwagner915
  • Amurri Lauren             Photography                         artmurri.com
  • Casper                         The all-around class act German Shepard

Special Guest Appearances

  • Sharifa Murdock             Liberty Fairs                        libertyfairs.com
  • Sasha Valentine             Café Racer XXX                        caferacerxxx.com
  • Paul Thornley             S. Royalty                        www.usroyaltymusic.com
  • Leighton Murdock             Tekkies                                    tekkiesbk.com
  • Stephon Torrence             Jock Hall The Agency            jockhalltheagency.com
  • James Tyler White             Greasy Chicken                        greasegreasegrease.tumblr.com
  • Anwar Saleem             H Street Main Street            hstreet.org
  • Tia Kane                         EvtMktg by Tiak Kane
  • Eric Channing             Dandies and Quaintrelles            dandiesandquaintrelles.com
  • Kevin Johnson             DC Triumph                        dctriumph.com
  • Curran J Swint             Kings Rule Together            kingsruletogether.com
  • Somkiet Umkerb             Dr K’s Vintage                        instagram.com/k1534

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