Pop Up Search at Center Stage | Historic Brewerytown

IMG_9003Search+Rescue DryGoods has occupied Center Stage ( 2639 Girard ave. Phila. PA) and infused up-cycled vintage and found objects with the boutiques Contemporary Menswear. The Pop Up Searchs launch date, Dec,13 2014 marks one year since the BSRx Squad first changed Center Stages floor plan and redesigned the store front windows. After a number of requests for props and antiques we decided to offer a shop in shop S+R Drygoods experience at the boutique. One of a kind fashion by Custom Lifestyle and The House of Raoof were also debuted at the launch in the spirit of Kings Ruling Together. Everyone being fueled by Kool Beanz Coffee, which was served at our mini Cafe in the back. If you missed the launch no worries, the Squad will be occupying the premise until Feb. 2015. See pics

IMG_9001 IMG_9025 IMG_9026 IMG_9028 IMG_9031 IMG_9033 IMG_9034 IMG_9035 IMG_9037 IMG_9039 IMG_9040 IMG_9042 IMG_9043 IMG_9047 IMG_9048 IMG_9049 IMG_9051 IMG_9054 IMG_9056 IMG_9060 IMG_9061 IMG_9062 IMG_9063 IMG_9064 IMG_9068 IMG_9069 IMG_9073 IMG_9078 IMG_9080 IMG_9085 IMG_9091 IMG_9092 IMG_9093 IMG_9095 IMG_9096 IMG_9100 IMG_9103 IMG_9104 IMG_9106 IMG_9108 IMG_9109 IMG_9112 IMG_9113 IMG_9116 IMG_9118 IMG_9122 IMG_9123 IMG_9126 IMG_9127 IMG_9129 IMG_9133 IMG_9136 IMG_9138 IMG_9142 IMG_9147 IMG_9149 IMG_9151 IMG_9156 IMG_9157 IMG_9158 IMG_9160 IMG_9161 IMG_9163 IMG_9168 IMG_9173 IMG_9176 IMG_9026 IMG_9019 IMG_9016 IMG_9015 IMG_9014 IMG_9013 IMG_9012 IMG_9011 IMG_9009 IMG_9006

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