The Search at Brimfield, Mass.

IMG_1409We loaded up the sprinter and took a journey to Brimfield, Mass. The Grand father of all flea markets. Some say that this was the first flea market in America. People from all over the world travel here to see multiple fields of awesomeness! World class collectors and dealers bring out their finest wares in hopes to service the most elite pickers and designers. The Coach linked up with photographer Louie Kovatch from Urban Renewal, to document the experience.


Brimfield-1335(1) Brimfield-1334(1) Brimfield-1331(1) Brimfield-1328(1) Brimfield-1321(1) Brimfield-1317(1) Brimfield-1307(1) Brimfield-1306(1) Brimfield-1302(1) Brimfield-1405 Brimfield-1397 Brimfield-1395 Brimfield-1392 Brimfield-1391 Brimfield-1386 Brimfield-1379 Brimfield-1376 Brimfield-1372 Brimfield-1360 Brimfield-1357 Brimfield-1353 Brimfield-1352 Brimfield-1348 Brimfield-1344

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