Source With Friends | Rare co Vintage x Philaflea


The weekends are the best times to see the entire landscape of the local market.  We decided to do some branching last week, to see what some of our comrades had to offer. Starting with our favorite, the trip didn’t start here, Rareco Vintage. Rare co is owned by our good friend Jeremy. Jeremy is more than a picker, everything about his selection process is art and design. Aesthetically we have a lot in common and often cross paths on route! Check out some of the cool that caught our eye.

Business as usual at the Philadelphia flea market, however a new venue. Tony has moved his market from 8th and Spring Garden to Delaware Ave. in South Philly. Great atmosphere and top notch vendors. We were able to cruise through, shake hands and see the latest! 

2 thoughts on “Source With Friends | Rare co Vintage x Philaflea

  1. Hey guys , love the idea ! I’m always down for the “hunt”. How did you guys get started ?

    1. We are a group of designers and artists. So naturally sourcing vintage was a huge part of the creative process. Things just evolved from there.

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