The Search at Brimfield, Mass.

IMG_1409We loaded up the sprinter and took a journey to Brimfield, Mass. The Grand father of all flea markets. Some say that this was the first flea market in America. People from all over the world travel here to see multiple fields of awesomeness! World class collectors and dealers bring out their finest wares in hopes to service the most elite pickers and designers. The Coach linked up with photographer Louie Kovatch from Urban Renewal, to document the experience.

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Liberty Fairs + ButcherShop Rehab| Freedom Hall curated by Ouigi of The Bkc

PU2pFMBGtrBDomwWwkhtYca_34uHkJL2COjDmfxzBkQ,SQk2snhHzKupuCv7B60OyXGH9tZlkqXaZC6zUqgaCrUThe Revolution is now!  Liberty Fairs debut their New York tradeshow at 82 Mercer,  the Search+Rescue Squad had the privilege to partner with The Liberty Fairs tradeshow by providing our ButcherShop Rehab line of furniture and Search+Rescue’d props for Freedom Hall, a progressive platform curated by Ouigi Theodore, the creative director of Bkc.  Freedom hall showcased fresh talent from London, Italy, Holland, Norway, Sweden, LA, Chicago, Seattle & Japan joining forces under one section at Liberty called “Freedom Hall”.  Ouigi was able to put together an allstar team from around the world.  We were honored to have been chosen by Sharifa Murdock, partner at Liberty Fairs, and Ouigi to provide furnishings for Freedom Hall.  It was amazing to see each brand with its own unique story harmonizing visually in one concentrated area.  The Goal was to inspire retail with stylish, fully functional, quality furniture with props that can live with each story. #whatsyourstory See more… Continue reading “Liberty Fairs + ButcherShop Rehab| Freedom Hall curated by Ouigi of The Bkc”

Images of Labor | Search+Rescue x Urban Renewal

The Search+Rescue x Urban Renewal collaboration is entitled “Images of Labor.” Our design was inspired by the images of our countries past and present blue collar work force. To Revive local tradition DryGoods were sourced, designed, and produced right here in Philadelphia. The collection is available at Select Urban Outfitters Locations: 628 broadway NYC 521 Fifth ave at 43rd NYC 1440 Promenade st. Santa Monica, … Continue reading Images of Labor | Search+Rescue x Urban Renewal