AgendaNYC | Allston Outfitters x Search+Rescue

blog8cover2coverAllston Outfitters debut their 2013 collection at Agenda NYC.  The response to the brand was great, the buyers were really impressed by the visual display and the collection was refreshing. The creative team at Allston did a great job merchandising the collection, providing just the service the street and skate market needed to fill the void  for progressive fashion that people can relate to.  Yes the tradeshow was filled with camo, but the Allston collection’s approach to fatigue told an orignal and current story of Americana.  We were able to work side by side with the brand to develop the visual story and also had the opportunity to influence design direction. Check out the recap photos from the tradeshow.    Continue reading “AgendaNYC | Allston Outfitters x Search+Rescue”


Search+Rescue the Naval Yard | Urbn Summer MRKT Photos

boy girlgov.The Urban Summer Market was the coolest market we vended all summer.  Stu from Three potato four recommended that we were invited along with a well curated list of talent.  The Naval Yard is an Oasis of Art and Style.  It seemed that the most stylish and creative people Philadelphia has to offer gathered together for lunch.  We were surrounded by huge docked naval ships and large Industrial re-purposed sculptures.  And the coolest part of all was all of the new amazing friends we made.  The event truly lifted a few degrees of separation, learning that alot of people did not live too far from us in Port Richmond. Sometimes a proper medium is all you need to gather local like minds. See more pics… Continue reading “Search+Rescue the Naval Yard | Urbn Summer MRKT Photos”