Contact Us


Direct: 267-504-0930

Search and Rescue General Store

3101 W. Glenwood ave, Philadelphia, Pa 19121

Physical Store Hours:

Thursday-Sunday 11-7p

25 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi I was wondering do u sell ur items online or at a store location??

    1. We sell products out of our ware house in philadelphia 2100nWllard st.

  2. Thank you very much for letting me help you guys out for the fashion show! You rocked it! I’m so glad I got to be a part of if.

  3. What are your Saturday hours?

  4. Do you screen print shirts?

  5. Wholesale Purchase 

     Hello my name is Annur Hamilton from Distinct 89. We carry mid end to high end clothing, footwear & accessories for both men & women in a 6,000sq ft upscale trendy store.
     I would like to carry your collection. Please forward me your line sheets purchasing policy, and look book for immediate availability & fall collection.  If you like pic’s of our store & the brands we carry please visit website or send me a correspondence to:
                                                                                                                                           Thank you,

    Distinct 89 Clothing Lounge
    c/o Annur Hamilton 
    89 Market St.
    Newark NJ. 07102.
    973 645 1700
    973 645 1701  fax

    1. Hi Annur,

      Thanks for the inquire. Tawfeeq who is our brand ambassador has spoken to Tahir about working with your brand. He has expressed that your store is the best fit downtown for our style of doing business. He will email you with the details of how we operate.

  6. Hi I am need of Levi denim jackets. I’m located in Missouri. Do you sell denim jackets wholesale?

    We do not sell denim jackets plain. We customize and embellish under our label.

    1. We do not sell denim jackets plain. We customize and embellish under our label.

  7. i no longer live the area so how would i be able to purchase anything online

  8. Salaams. I purchased a vest from the venue at status shop last night. Its a 2xl and too big. Is it possible to exchange it for an xl

    1. contact kenya 215-847-1703. He can make arrangements with you to switch the item at Status shop

  9. Hey guys,
    I’m looking for a pair of heavy duty industrial legs to use for a dining room table – have anything like that?

    I’m available by phone too : 215-817-0275

    1. as soon as we locate one I’ll contact you.

  10. Where u store at in philly?! U have back packs?! Need one!

    1. Hi Andre,
      This is coach gaines. I’m at the warehouse mostly everyday, but you have to call when your on the way 215-278-0305

  11. Mike Washington June 3, 2014 — 4:09 pm

    You guys are such an inspiration. I’ve been working on trying to get a grasp on what i wanted my brand to consist of, how to start and what would the focus be. I love finding clothing and reconstructing it into something more original. Have you all ever considered expansion? Maybe to the Midwest? I’m from Indianapolis where everything is very slow, however, we have tons of antique shops and thrift stores to choose from that would benefit Search & Rescue. I myself am very interested in this Search & Rescue idea and would love to this something like this within my city incorporated with fashion.

  12. Hey guys! It’s Katie over at Mushmina. I have some clothing ideas and would love to connect. Just sent you an email!

  13. Hey you guys should really follow-through on your work for Cherry Blossom Design here in DC. They are a great company and you all are being very unprofessional in missing deadlines, missing deliveries, not returning calls or responding to emails over the past week (the furniture was supposed to be delivered last Thursday no, and you didn’t even tell them you weren’t coming?!) I moved here (to DC) from Philadelphia, after working at the Pew Center for 5 years, and hate to see Philly creatives look so lame. Maybe you can put your sail with Ben & Jerry on hold this weekend to get this taken care of? The weather is going to be crappy anyway.

    1. Im just seeing this. I hope things were straighten out. This was not Search+Rescue business. Im not sure who you worked with but we dont have an account with Cherry Blossom.

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