The S+R Drygoods experience | Franklin Flea

IMG_4031Philly has a new and cool indoor flea market, The Franklin Flea.  Inside of historical Strawbridges on 8th and Market downtown Philly. Owner Mark Vevle curated a great mix of vendors, offering everything from hand made furniture to greeting cards.  The Squad showed up with a wide variety of treats including small collectables, art, custom vintage, chairs and coffee tables.  Just imagine a vintage department store…exactly!  See more pictures

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Search+Rescue arrives in Chicago.

Featured here is the Search+Rescue custom lifestyle vest.  The display suggests American motor and mechanics.  Gas up! Its going to be a ride.


Levis being our canvas of choice, we have to point attention to the journey in this installation. #searchandrescue

What used to be a long journey for early settlers in our country, is now an hour and 45 min. plane ride.  In this case Sneakervilla was the train leaving the Philadelphia station, pushing the movement to Chicago.  The Villa has open 9 new locations in the Greater Chicago area, our stop was the Westside on Madison ave.  The Search+Rescue squad showed up with the ingredients for cool.  Check out the visual merchandising and display at the new  Villa on Madison ave. Westside Chicago.

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PhotoShoot with Bunjii | Styled by Coach Gaines x Curran J.

We had the pleasure and honor of working with Local Hip-Rock group Bunjii in a photo shoot for an upcoming album.  Coach Gaines and Curran J Swint of K.R.T tag team to style the looks for these talented gentleman.

The name Bunjii (Bun-gee) implies adrenaline rush, thrill seeker, and risk taker. After listening to their daring and edgy music, it is clear why.

Bunjii has worked with big names such as: City High “It Ain’t The Same”, Erykah Badu “Danger”, Jim Jones “Don’t Push me Away”, P.Diddy “Bad Boy for Life” etc. Bujii has also featured in B.E.T Iron Ring, E! True Hollywood Story Hip Hop Wives, Making the Band 3, You got Served, etc.

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A Day in the Life at Search+Rescue HQ

Everyday Search+Rescue is doing something creative for our brand, whether it’s painting a sign or destroying and bleaching denim.  Lettering, embellishing and customizing is a huge part of our lifestyle, we try to incorporate arts and craft in everything we do.

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