The Search at Brimfield, Mass.

IMG_1409We loaded up the sprinter and took a journey to Brimfield, Mass. The Grand father of all flea markets. Some say that this was the first flea market in America. People from all over the world travel here to see multiple fields of awesomeness! World class collectors and dealers bring out their finest wares in hopes to service the most elite pickers and designers. The Coach linked up with photographer Louie Kovatch from Urban Renewal, to document the experience.

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Urban Renewal x S+R Drygoods | Images of labor 2nd Delivery

AdIntroducing our second collaboration with our friends at Urban Renewal. The 3 item capsule collection debuts at a new Urban Outfitters location in NYC this Spring 2015, 162 2nd ave. New York, Ny 10003, staying true to our work wear esthetic and art driven heritage. Support the Locals! Continue reading “Urban Renewal x S+R Drygoods | Images of labor 2nd Delivery”

The Job site | at Urban Market

IMG_5123 The Job site at Urban market is the debut installation for our capsule of work meets sport Spring items. Still using the Images of labor exhibition as our muse, here we illustrated our story through props and graphic raglans.  Suggesting that this group of guys decided to play in their work clothes. See Pics Continue reading “The Job site | at Urban Market”

Urban Renewal | Urban Outfitters’ Local Production

IMG_4391 IMG_4378Who would of  have known that inside a seemingly abandoned warehouse, in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, an Urban outfitters production house was right in our neighborhood.  Well we didn’t, until a visit from our friend Daren from Rothco. He mentioned that he has a friend in the area who works for Urbs.  Once we were introduced to Joey there was an instant connection.  Joey introduced us to Aaron the current buyer for Urban Renewal and the rest of the creative  staff.  This group of artist and pickers work under the banner of Urban Renewal.  The pieces are totally one-of-a-kind, handcrafted in Philadelphia from vintage dead-stock and surplus materials sourced from around the world.  So the degrees of separation have been lifted and like minded neighbors are united! We were inspired to learn that what we thought was a new trend, from reworking vintage and recycling source material, was the practice of Urban Outfitters for the past 20 years. Just when we thought we’ve invented a wheel, we learned  that there’s nothing new, it’s only renewal.

the line upSearch + Rescue x Urban Renewal  collaboration;
From the Images of Labor collection by The Search and Rescue Squad.  Search + Rescue Images of Labor collection was Inspired by the history of industrialization; translated to recycled vintage dry goods.

check out some behind the scenes footage of the Urban Renewal design studio.

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Search+Rescue the Naval Yard | Urbn Summer MRKT Photos

boy girlgov.The Urban Summer Market was the coolest market we vended all summer.  Stu from Three potato four recommended that we were invited along with a well curated list of talent.  The Naval Yard is an Oasis of Art and Style.  It seemed that the most stylish and creative people Philadelphia has to offer gathered together for lunch.  We were surrounded by huge docked naval ships and large Industrial re-purposed sculptures.  And the coolest part of all was all of the new amazing friends we made.  The event truly lifted a few degrees of separation, learning that alot of people did not live too far from us in Port Richmond. Sometimes a proper medium is all you need to gather local like minds. See more pics… Continue reading “Search+Rescue the Naval Yard | Urbn Summer MRKT Photos”

Search and Rescue | Urbn’s Summer market at The Naval Yard

We are proud to announce our invitation to vend at URBN’s summer markets, at Urbn’s home office this year. The market is going to be an ever-changing market of makers, artists, shops, designers, purveyors of food, found objects, clothing and quality goods. They plan to have a different mix of vendors each week to keep the markets exciting for both the sellers and buyers. The … Continue reading Search and Rescue | Urbn’s Summer market at The Naval Yard