Urban Renewal | Urban Outfitters’ Local Production

IMG_4391 IMG_4378Who would of  have known that inside a seemingly abandoned warehouse, in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, an Urban outfitters production house was right in our neighborhood.  Well we didn’t, until a visit from our friend Daren from Rothco. He mentioned that he has a friend in the area who works for Urbs.  Once we were introduced to Joey there was an instant connection.  Joey introduced us to Aaron the current buyer for Urban Renewal and the rest of the creative  staff.  This group of artist and pickers work under the banner of Urban Renewal.  The pieces are totally one-of-a-kind, handcrafted in Philadelphia from vintage dead-stock and surplus materials sourced from around the world.  So the degrees of separation have been lifted and like minded neighbors are united! We were inspired to learn that what we thought was a new trend, from reworking vintage and recycling source material, was the practice of Urban Outfitters for the past 20 years. Just when we thought we’ve invented a wheel, we learned  that there’s nothing new, it’s only renewal.

the line upSearch + Rescue x Urban Renewal  collaboration;
From the Images of Labor collection by The Search and Rescue Squad.  Search + Rescue Images of Labor collection was Inspired by the history of industrialization; translated to recycled vintage dry goods.

check out some behind the scenes footage of the Urban Renewal design studio.

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The S+R Drygoods experience | Franklin Flea

IMG_4031Philly has a new and cool indoor flea market, The Franklin Flea.  Inside of historical Strawbridges on 8th and Market downtown Philly. Owner Mark Vevle curated a great mix of vendors, offering everything from hand made furniture to greeting cards.  The Squad showed up with a wide variety of treats including small collectables, art, custom vintage, chairs and coffee tables.  Just imagine a vintage department store…exactly!  See more pictures

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Images of Labor | Search+Rescue x Urban Renewal

The Search+Rescue x Urban Renewal collaboration is entitled “Images of Labor.” Our design was inspired by the images of our countries past and present blue collar work force. To Revive local tradition DryGoods were sourced, designed, and produced right here in Philadelphia. The collection is available at Select Urban Outfitters Locations: 628 broadway NYC 521 Fifth ave at 43rd NYC 1440 Promenade st. Santa Monica, … Continue reading Images of Labor | Search+Rescue x Urban Renewal

S+R DryGoods | Available at select Villa locations

IMG_8975Search and Rescue authentic drygoods are vintage re-purposed garments.  Rips, holes, and other reconstruction, or repair are apart of the brands unique modern aesthetic. Look for us at The Villa and try to find your size. Each item is one of one, so you must shop the line by size. Enjoy! Continue reading “S+R DryGoods | Available at select Villa locations”

Search+Rescue | Re-worked Wear

  Search and Rescue is proud to give a detailed sneak peak at one of our reworked vintage items.  We take pride in reviving lost treasures or making what is perceived to be nothing into an item that exceeds the imagination.  In this day in age the consumer has become wastefull, very few people cherise their items or even pass momentous articles of clothing down … Continue reading Search+Rescue | Re-worked Wear